• April 30, 2004 30 Apr'04

    Security has its privileges

    Maybe an innocent bystander can be excused for not seeing and stopping a crime about to happen, but IT security administrators can't. They need to keep their eyes open, according to Gijo Mathew, a security strategist for Computer Associates ...  Continue Reading

  • April 29, 2004 29 Apr'04

    Management central to securing Linux

    After performing more security assessments than he can count, Gijo Mathew has seen every worst practice imaginable. He's even seen an IT shop replace virus-violated data with an unpatched backup that succumbed to the same virus. A security ...  Continue Reading

  • April 28, 2004 28 Apr'04

    Linux breaks cluster barriers, and Microsoft follows

    Linux clustering is catching on in corporate America, thanks to newfound support from major systems and software vendors, says Chuck Foley, executive vice president for clustering solutions vendor InfiniCon Systems of King of Prussia, Pa. Of course,...  Continue Reading