Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

  • Bastille or SELinux?

    If you had to choose between Bastille and SELinux, consider what you really need from a security program. A Linux expert explains the tradeoffs and benefits of each based on factors such as monitoring, ease of maintenance and range of coverage.  Continue Reading

  • WebLoad: An introduction

    Learn about the formerly open source project WebLoad, including potential obstacles to implementing the load-testing software and software project management tips.  Continue Reading

  • Snort Log retention

    Best practices for retention of snort logs may hinge on external requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley. Learn when it's OK to delete logs and when to hang on to them.  Continue Reading

  • Paravirtualized driver competition benefits Linux users

    Open source and proprietary drivers for paravirtualization create healthy competition while utilizing the hypervisor layer between guest and host systems. Meta Description: Using the hypervisor gives Linux users flexibility, speed and other OS ...  Continue Reading