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IBM system z and mainframe systems

  • COBOL program that will run in z/OS and open in MS-Word

    I want to write a COBOL program that will run in z/OS and create a sequential file that can then be FTP'd to a network drive and opened with MS-Word (MS-Office 2003) as a fully formatted Word document with page headers, tables, and paragraphs. Help?  Continue Reading

  • Lost GDG

    I was testing a program on a data set that was a GDG. Today that GDG was recycled and didn't exist. I wasn't aware of that. Is there a way to restore it by any chance?  Continue Reading

  • Working with Telnet

    With SNA our developers had the possibility to work with a 62 x 160 session. With Telnet now they are restricted to 27 x 132. Do you have any ideas how we could do a work around that so we are able to work again with 62x160, or is it really ...  Continue Reading

  • How to view XML files in z/OS after being FPTed

    I want to transfer an XML file from Windows NT to a z/OS. The problem is that the file on the z/OS after FTP shows one very long record. How can I see the XML file on z/OS like I see it in an XML viewer?  Continue Reading