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Xandros: Free or subscription-only?

Where did you get the impression that Xandros Networks is by subscription? It is definitely not; it is available (free) to all Xandros users including the Open Circulation Edition users.
Xandros Networks is by subscription though there are options for both free and premium or paid subscriptions. I think you are assuming a cost involved with the term subscription but I never mentioned that. There is no cost for the Xandros Networks basic service or their Xandros Open Circulation Edition both are free.

All registered users do get a free subscription to Xandros Networks that has fixes and patches, updates and single click access to software installs. They also have a paid subscription that is a premium service (according to their Website) that gives you the same features as the Open Circulation Edition and Basic Xandros Network plus early access to new versions and discounts on future releases.

So by all means try Xandros for free.

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