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Writing a GLUE exit program to the CICS system log

I would like to dynamically keep track of all CICS abends in a given CICS region. When a CICS abend occurs, I would like to write the abend message to a second data set other than CSMT. This second data set containing only abend messages needs to be transferred (FTP) to a Windows base problem reporting system. What is the best way to do this?

I think you need to write a GLUE exit that traps the relevant messages issued to the CICS system log. Have a look at the Customization Guide for the message exits. You can use these to take a copy of the abend message to another destination. This other destination will be to a TDQ. So, you can use this TDQ to place the abend messages into a file and you can then FTP this to some suitable place or grab it from some interesting box.

Something that might be of interest is the ability to stop using a particular file so that this can be transferred and start using an alternative. If you RDO the TDQ without pointing the destination to a DDname in the JCL (i.e., put the file name in the RDO object), you can delete the TDQ definition that deallocates the file allowing someone else to fiddle with it, change the file name, reinstall it and open it where the new file name will be used.

However, I'd be very inclined to copy ALL messages to this TDQ and then use something like a MVS pipeline to filter out those which you need so you can extend the logic to select other things as well without altering anything in the exit program. This will avoid coding selection logic (deciding what is an abend message and what is something else) in your GLUE exit program. Don't assume that this exit program will always run on the QR TCB or will only be executing once. In CTS 2.2 these conditions are not true.

I'd also give some consideration as to how the file is transferred down to the PC. I'd be inclined to initiate this operation from a MVS batch job so code up a bit of REXX to do the whole operation. My EXCI Supportpac can be used to do the CICSy file swapping operation and the rest of the exec can run the pipeline to filter the file contents and FTP it to the required destination.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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