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Will DCML be a good thing for Linux?

I've heard that a Data Center Markup Language is being created to bring more interoperability to the data center. Could you tell me more about that language and its development? Will DCML be a good thing for Linux and open source software?
DCML will be a great thing for Linux! Historically, mainframes have dominated the Data Center environment; now with the advent of DCML the rules are changing yet again. DCML is designed to provide a common language to describe resources with a data center and how it is built. Perhaps the best thing about this is that it provides a standard. Vendor lock-in is great for the big vendors such as IBM, but not so great for the end-user. To a certain extent, this is strikingly similar to the whole Unix vs Linux debate. Linux is here, primarily, because the Unix brethren could never really get their act together towards standardizing on one version. Perhaps DCML can be the new Linux of Data Center language resources. Two companies, EDS and Opsware, just recently unveiled their proposed standard that should kick-start the growth in utility computer for the data center. Here's an article that was just published recently on this subject -- have a peek.

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