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Will CICS TS 2.2 run existing load modules compiled in COBOL II or OS/VS COBOL?

COBOL version conversion and other questions about running COBOL on CICS are discussed in the expert response.

We are a CICS 4.1 shop, starting to begin our planning process to migrate to CICS TS 2.2. Currently our Legacy CICS applications contain a mixture of COBOL with quite a few COBOL II and OS/VS COBOL in the mix. Our questions:

  1. 1) Will TS 2.2 support the existing load modules which were compiled under COBOL II and/or OS/VS COBOL?

  2. 2) Converting the COBOL II and/or OS/VS COBOL source is a major project within itself and we are starting it. However, it won't take place anytime soon. In the meantime (after converting to T/S 2.2), we are planning to use the pre-compiler from our 4.1 system when we have to make a change to one of these existing applications. Do you see any problems with doing that?

    1) CICS TS V2.2 will run existing load modules that were compiled using COBOL II or OS/VS COBOL.

    2) The CICS Translator supplied with CICS TS V2.2 does not support OS/VS COBOL or all versions of COBOL II. Recompiling OS/VS COBOL or COBOL II programs to run under CICS TS V2.2 requires the use of a translator from an earlier version of CICS. The translator supplied with CICS/ESA V4.1 (or CICS TS V1) can be used provided you have a current license for both CICS TS V2.2 and the applicable compiler. You do not require a license for the earlier level of CICS. Note, however, that the translator is unsupported if it comes from a product that is not in service and CICS/ESA V4.1 goes out of service at the end of this year (2002).

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