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Why is DFHCOMMAREA wiped out when transferring from one program to another?

I have a sporadic issue with a CICS program. It seems that sometimes my DFHCOMMAREA gets wiped out when transferring...

from one program to another. You can try the same key strokes for 10 to 50 minutes and the program won't work (apparently because of the DFHCOMMAREA) and then the next time it works like a charm and may be fine for the next few days. Any ideas what may be causing something like this to happen?

I can only suggest that this may be a storage overwrite problem or, if by transferring you mean that you are using XCTL, the COMMAREA isn't being copied correctly when the program-lifetime storage of the program issuing the XCTL is freed. Is it possible there is interference from some other transaction running concurrently? Switching on storage protection and transaction isolation may help pin down the problem if it caused by a storage overwrite. Using EDF to check the location of the COMMAREA before and after the XCTL (or LINK) may provide some clues if there is an issue with copying the COMMAREA.

This was last published in May 2002

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