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Why doesn't the Linux automounter work the same as in Solaris?

We are a Solaris house (5.8) running NIS. The automounter on Solaris lets you see a directory and all the subdirectories under it. Why doesn't the Linux automounter work the same? I can cd to the top directory and see some subdirectories that I had visited but not all the subdirectories appear. If I know the subdirectory I can directly cd into it and then it will appear under the map mounted top directory.
I'm not sure why you are having problems, though I can tell you that I have had problems with Linux automounter before. Perhaps if you can send me some more detailed info (your maps?) regarding your configuration, I can help you. There are two types of Linux automounting, AMD and autofs. AMD is the automount daemon and is implemented in user space (it is not part of the kernel) Autofs is newer, and the kernel filesystem code must know about the automount mount points. Autofs is syntax compatible with the Solaris automounter but is not as robust. AMD has most of the features of the Solaris automounter, but its syntax is entirely different and not compatible. Bottom line is, pick your poison. If you're really into this big time, you may want to look at this book on Linux automounting. Good luck!

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