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Why do I receive an exception when running DFH0STAT at shutdown of given CICS region?

I am trying to run DFH0STAT at shutdown of a given CICS region (PLTSD=R3). I have the program entry after DFHDELIM...

in my PLT (third phase). When the region is brought down I receive a AEIP in program DFH0STAT. In the transaction dump the program DFH0STAT runs under the tran id CEMT. I am sure I have missed something along the way. Any help would be great.

The DFH0STAT program uses EXEC CICS commands one of which has caused an INVREQ exception to be raised. The transaction dump will contain a trace table that you could use to determine which command caused the problem. My guess is that DFH0STAT has tried to use a resource, such as the SPOOL, that has been shut down during the first or second phase of quiesce. Moving DFH0STAT to the last position in the PLTSD list for phase 1 may bypass the problem. DFH0STAT runs under the transaction id CEMT because a CEMT transaction was used to request shutdown and the PLTSD programs are invoked under that transaction.

This was last published in May 2002

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