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Why choose Linux for enterprise messaging?

What are the arguments in favor of Linux messaging in enterprises?

Typically, the driver for new technology adoption is a business problem. With respect to email and messaging, customers we've spoken with talk about a range of problems, including concerns around manageability, reliability, cost, platform lock-in and integration challenges. In each of these areas, Linux and a Linux-based email platform offer many advantages.

Whether it is to gain greater price/performance, attain higher levels of reliability at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems, or to gain flexibility and choice from open standards and open source solutions, customers are deploying Linux at every level in the enterprise.

Another important advantage of Linux is that it is not dependent on a particular hardware platform. This means customers can invest in a Linux-based application without concern that the application will become obsolete if or when the underlying hardware platform changes. This is great insurance policy for the future.

But the benefits come not just from the platform, but from the way the application exploits the underlying Linux platform to deliver these benefits. An example of this is the way an application takes advantage of the Linux file system, which has it's roots in the UNIX file system. A messaging platform that fully exploits the Linux file system can take advantage of the broad range of tools and services that exist in the market today. For example, journaling file systems for real-time backup of email. Saving money is only one part of the equation. The openness and flexibility of the platform gives customers choice and control over their future.


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