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Which modems and networking tools work with Linux?

I'm charged with migrating several Win2k servers and their resident apps (MySql database, salesforce apps) over to Linux. I've heard that networking issues can disrupt a migration, such as some bridges and routers that don't work well with Linux. Also, I've heard that there can be desktop issues, and I'm concerned because our mobile sales force uses many different types of modems (like Winmodems) and network adapters. Can you offer some advice on what will or won't work on Linux?
Linux uses TCP/IP as does Win2K. TCP/IP is a highly standardized protocol. Routers and switches also follow the same standards. Could you perhaps explain what part of the TCP/IP standards are being violated by the router and switch manufacturers? I would suggest that the rumors you have heard are just FUD!

There are Linux drivers for all the Lucent WinModems I have come across (which may not be representative of all the types that are "out there").

Support for plug-and-play devices like USB cameras, scanners, flash-drives and the like is finally maturing and improving. USB printers have been largely plug-and-play compatible for over 2 years.

I recommend that you put together a prototype desktop configuration and see how it flies. If you have specific problems, e-mail me and I will do my best to help you get to a happy destination.

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