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Which is better for the enterprise: GNOME or KDE?

Which is better for the enterprise: GNOME or KDE?
Actually there isn't one better than the other. Both offer similar functionality. And the choice isn't too fundamental, since a KDE application will run on a GNOME desktop, and vice versa. However, KDE seems to be a little bit more popular, since they are the default for Novell's SuSE and for Linspire. RedHat offers a choice. So it is a matter of personal taste.

In the future, you'll find the two even more alike since the projects are on speaking terms and agreeing on how to bring the two systems closer. Meanwhile, why not try both and keep the one you like the best? I work with KDE, but can work just as happily with Gnome.

For more information: You can learn more about GNOME and KDE by reading our desktop Linux learning guide.

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