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Which has higher CPU overhead: DPL or function shipping?

Assuming equal number of I/Os to files in a remote region, which method is likely to present more CPU overhead: DPL to common I/O module resident in the region with the files or function shipping using standard MRO?

In performance terms, I don't think that there will be too much in it either way. However, I would prefer the function shipping route as that's more of an architected CICS-y way of doing things rather than you having to write the program yourself.

Naturally, it also depends on the volume and rate of usage of the file. If, for example, many accesses are being done in a random fashion (function shipping) as opposed to a set sequence of actions in which the intermediate records are not returned (program DPL).

Other things should be driving your design, such as UnitOfWork boundaries, whether access to the file is bound to logic in a program, whether or not this program will be invoked from outside of the CICS environment, etc.

Thus, in general, go with function shipping unless you detect a good reason to go down another design route.

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