Which MQ Queue is related with which CICS transaction?

CICS expert Robert Crawford offers advice on determining the connection between CICS transactions and MQ Queue name.

When a message is put on the MQ Queue, depending on the Q name, it automatically triggers the CICS transaction. But how do I know which MQ Queue is co-related with which CICS Transaction? Is there a way I can see the relation between the CICS transaction and the Q name?

I assume you're talking about transactions started through the MQ trigger (CKTI) interface.

Probably the simplest thing to do is talk to the programmer in charge of the process that writes the messages. I believe the CICS transaction to be started is specified somewhere in the sending program.

If that's not available, you might be able to tell by looking at the handshake between the trigger initiator transaction (CKTI) and the target CICS transaction. When CKTI kicks off the application transaction it creates a message including the queue name the target task is supposed to read. You may be able to intercept that message using a debugging tool like CEDX or forcing an ABEND that would create a dump.

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