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Where was DB2 processor time contained?

Before Transaction Server 2.3 and the open transaction environment and DB2 6, was the DB2 processor time (from the SMF 101) contained within the SMF 110 record in field USRCPUT? There seems to be conflicting documentation.

I do not know of a 2.3. I assume you mean prior to CTS 2.2 together with DB2 v6/7.

In CTS 1.3, DB2 activity was under a MVS Subtask, and so not accounted for in USRCPUT.

If you look at the 2.2 Performance Guide, you will see that USRCPUT includes CPU time spent on all the new TCBs [some of which are : J8 (JVM), S8(SSL), and L8 (Open)]. L8 is now used for DB2 v6/7 access, and so DB2 activity within CICS is accounted for in USRCPUT. KY8CPUT is a subset of USRCPUT containing all the x8 TCB time.

I think our documentation is very clear on this point.

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