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Where can I find a listing of companies and schools that are using open source on the desktop?

I am looking for an up-to-date listing of all companies and schools that are using or testing open source on the desktop (complete displacement of Microsoft). I am already aware of the few examples you provided but a more comprehensive list would be helpful. Do you know where I might find such a listing?
A recent school project has been started, targeted at getting OpenOffice.org into schools. Here's a story about a UK school that burned CDs for a Malaysian school.

To keep up to date on the schools project and thus on the schools involved, you can subscribe to the educ-subscribe@marketing.openoffice.org mailing list. I think that's the most direct way to get the information you need. There's a flyer here on the project.

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SearchEnterpriseLinux.com user "kirkrr" writes: Check out www.k12ltsp.org -- they offer a Linux terminal server project packaged for non-technical school admins, to allow diskless PCs to work as terminals running Linux. They have over 300,000 students running this, INCLUDING OpenOffice!

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