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Where can I find OpenOffice training and materials?

I'm a small Linux VAR and I'd like to offer OpenOffice training to my clients. How can I go about either getting your services or getting training material?
I'm very happy to answer that! : ) My workbooks are available at www.cafepress.com/getopenoffice. There's a Core and Comprehensive workbook for Writer, Calc and Impress/Draw, plus you can now download the Essentials workbook for free from www.getopenoffice.org/workbooks/essentials.pdf". The Comprehensive Calc and Impress/Draw workbooks are new so they're on sale for the next few weeks.

E-mail me at solveig@getopenoffice.org and we can talk about training; you can see information about my user's guide as well as the workbooks and training at the following URLs:

  • www.getopenoffice.org/workbooks.html
  • www.getopenoffice.org/training.html
  • www.getopenoffice.org/book.html

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