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When MQ Listener is present in the CICS region

Currently, I'm working on a project where MQSeries/CIC/COBOL are being used.

Kindly give some insight on the following points.

1. In MQSeries, under what circumstances are the Listeners advised to be used?

2. In CICS, how many instances of the same program can be running in the CICS region at a point of time.

If you are within the CICS environment, there is only a single MQ Listener present in the region. You do not have any control over it once you have started the MQ Adapter in the CICS region. CICS maintains a single copy of an application program but can be used by many transactions at once.

By asking the second question, I observe that you are not familiar with the CICS environment. I recommend becoming more familiar with it before attempting to implement MQ-initiated function within the amit of CICS, especially the UnitOfWork and Recoverability properties.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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