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What's up with a frozen TOR

What should the USRDELAY parameter in CICS/TS be set to? A little late, we are finally doing regression testing and our TOR froze with a message that it had exceeded USRDELAY, which I allowed to default to 30). Evidently because RACF requires the STC to be a user, although with NOLOGON, it still timed it out.

My searches for information have not produced anything significant. Any insights or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

I hope that your TOR did not actually stop and go into a Wait State. If so, then that should be raised as an APAR.

Perhaps, I more reasonably think that the TOR started spending a lot of time talking to the ESM (RACF, etc.) when it found that it did not have details of a requested UserID.

The USRDELAY option is nothing more than a performance enhancement tuner. It says the length of time that UserID details can be cached for a subsequent reuse, the trade off being storage as against CPU. How this is effective depends on what volume of terminal signon/off or use of a given UserID at more than one terminal, etc. As such, it does not have anything to do with RACF and the UserID used by the Job Step (or region).

That being so I don't understand how any setting of USRDELAY relates to your observation. My experience is that you ALWAYS have to run the CICS region with a UserID, especially now that HFS (Unix) files are being accessed by CICS where the Security Authorisation tends to come from the JobStep UserID. Which, is why it has to be authorised for Unix access). Thus, I'd concentrate your investigation on this STC Userid.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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