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What's the best way to reuse business logic in CICS?

Is there any benchmark to help us decide what's the best way to reuse business logic in CICS? We want our batch MVS programs and our CICS programs to reuse the business logic embedded in CICS because they need access to CICS resources like VSAM files. We were thinking of the following:

a) EXCI calls from batch
b) MQ connection from batch to CICS
c) Rewrite the CICS business logic into stored procedures and call from CICS/batch. But this option is now discarded as SP-VSAM compatibality is not that great.

Any input on what direction to take or direction to material to help us decide would be great.

You are correct in your design in that you are going to communicate to CICS from batch. The question is what is the best method of accomplishing this reuse.

If the batch program is running in the same MVS image as the hosting CICS region (or another CICS region is running there which has communication/MRO links to the residing region), then EXCI access is best. You get full control over the interaction and can take appropriate action on abends and timeouts.

If, however, the batch program cannot get to a CICS in the same MVS image then you will want to use MQ communication. Use of MQ will shield you from all the CICS-related things, and you will have to design your batch interactions to cope with relies that timeout (or never come back).

In general, I think thne EXCI route is better for you as you are doing CICS work as part of other batch processing. Thus, you are more into a workflow type of processing. You might also want to consider use of MQSI for this function.

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