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What to do with unreleased storage?

Our MVS systems programmer has sent me an RMF report showing jobs with 'amount of common storage not released at end of job,' specifically CSA, ECSA, SQA and ESQA. He expects me to do something about this! Many of these jobs are batch jobs, and I have submitted a question to the OS/390 expert as well. However, several CICS regions appear on this report. Can you give me some ideas about how I can research why this common storage is being left around? Are there some well-known causes of such orphaned memory?

There is a BBC TV comedy program called 'One foot in the grave,' which may have made it to your screen. The main character is a retired grumpy chap called Victor Meldrew who goes around saying 'I do not belieeeeeeeeeeve it' when something comedically occurs.

I had a Meldrewish moment when I saw this question.

You do not say which CICS release is being accused, but I'd be very surprised if an ended CICS job left storage around in these areas. There is always the possibility of a storage leak, but we do pay great attention to this issue, and we have not heard of any of late.

You are going to have to get proof before raising a problem.

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