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What mode is my DB operating in?

How do I determine what mode my DB2 390 Z series database is operating in? I want to confirm that the mode is in NFM. How should I verify?
The DISPLAY GROUP DETAIL command will show you what mode your data sharing or non-data sharing DB2 V8 subsystem is running in. One of the output parameters in the resultant display of DISPLAY GROUP DETAIL is MODE.
  • MODE (C) indicates the subsystem or group is running in Compatibility Mode.
  • MODE(E) indicates the subsystem or group is running in Enabling New Function Mode.
  • MODE(N) indicates the subsystem or group is running in New Function Mode.
For more information on the DISPLAY GROUP DETAIL command, see the DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 Command Reference: Section 3.17 - DISPLAY GROUP (DB2).

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