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What is the meaning of the following error message (pertaining to AZI6 abend)?

What is the meaning of this error message?

gpu1DFHAC2206 09:37:14 CICSHY Transaction GPU1 failed with abend AZI6. Updates t o local recoverable resources backed out. DFHAC2261 System P068 sent message (sense code 0824089E). 'DFHAC2206 09:37:14 PDS1P068 Transaction GPU1 failed with abend AJH2. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.'.

The AZI6 Abend merely says that one was running a remote transaction, and an abend happened in the partner region. The abend there was the AJH2. This says that the HPJDLL was not found. Thus, I hope you are running a compiled Java application in a MRO/LU62-connected region - and CICS in that remote region was not properly setup for Hotpooling Java.

There will, hopefully, be some interesting error messages in the partner region that might throw some light on this probem (although they may be buried in the startup messages).

This sort of thing tends to be a configuration problem: is HPJDLL RDO defined? does DFHRPL contain the relevant load library (sourced from the Visual Age for Java Enterprise Toolit)? Has your security manager stopped access to this program?

I can not resist a plug for CICS TS 2.2 where java classes (things which start with a main() procedure) can run natively inside a JVM, so you don't have to compile them anymore. All you have to do is RDO define a PROGRAM entry naming the java class file and that's it. There is also much more of a CICS-feel to trace entries and one can use 'proper' debugging facilities provided via standard JVM interfaces.

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