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What is the meaning of error message DFHAC2206, ASRA abend?

What is the meaning of error message DFHAC2206, ASRA abend?

Here is the complete message:
DFHAC2206 06:12:22 CICK Transaction DKO0 failed with abend AZI6. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out. DFHAC2261 System CICM sent message (sense code 0824089E). 'DFHAC2206 06:12:22 CICM Transaction DKO0 failed with bend ASRA. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.'.

I have seen the explanation for a similar error, another abend. Please help.
All an ASRA Abend is saying is that the program you were executing failed in some sort of way. It's going to be the usual sort of thing: Division by zero, attempting to access storage via a dopey pointer, improperly linked module... There may well be another message available which will cast some light on the failure. You are getting the AZI6 because the program was function shipped to another region, and it abend in that remote address space.

In order to find out why the failure is occuring is to look at the transaction dump which will have been generated (in the region raising the ASRA, not that with the AZI6). If you have vendor tools in your CICS region, they will point you to the bit of code that's failing. If the program is Language Environment enabled, you should be able to get some extra diagnostics produced from this component as well as the dump.

Have a read of the Problem Determination book as well.

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