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What is the biggest barrier to businesses in choosing Linux over Unix?

What is the biggest barrier to businesses in choosing Linux over Unix?
I would say the biggest barrier to increased usage of Linux is the perception that it still is not as scalable as UNIX. Linux vendors need to do a better job of integrating the 2.6 kernel into their distros that may help in the effort to fight that barrier. Linux with the 2.6 kernel is a proven enterprise ready system that will run on your cheapest PCs, as well as on your IBM p5 RISC system costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Resellers need to start doing a better marketing job on selling the benefits of Linux than they are doing today. Red Hat has been very stubborn in many respects by refusing to budge on moving up their release dates for a version that contained this new kernel. RHEL 4.0 will finally rectify that, and should add a great deal of credibility to this release, and if marketed correctly, could be the most important product of 2005.

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