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What is database refreshing?

Can you please briefly explain what is meant by "database refreshing?"
Database refreshing is a process by which a Sybase database is overwritten or refreshed from an existing backup.

In general, it is more often that a backup of the current production database is taken and a copy of the same database...

in a development or testing environment is refreshed from this backup. The database to be refreshed needs to be the same size as the source database with data and log segments created preferably in the image of the source database (otherwise data and log segments could mix upon refresh).

The source database is backed up using Sybase's backup server into the operating system file(s). These files are binary. The most common method is to transfer these files to the host server containing the recipient Sybase server and database. Again the Sybase's backup server is used to load the database.

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is it possible that we can refresh test database using  particular  schema instead of whole database .
is SAP allow this ?????