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What is a good topic for my final project?

I'm a student; my final year project is around the corner. I am very much interested in doing a project/paper in networking under Linux/Windows platforms. I have certain project titles in mind, such as "Network Monitors, Network Administration tool for System/Network Administrators." But I don't know how to go about it!

Can you mention some topics in Networking or any other Infotech area which will be useful for my IT career? Please help me in this regard very soon by mentioning some Web resources, project guidance sites, companies that offer projects, etc.
You need a project, huh. Linux and networking? What about security? Nothing more hot today. You can even try correlating networking, security and Linux by writing something on Linux firewalls. There is so much information out there, I wouldn't know where to start. Actually, I would. Try poking around for resources using the Google search again (www.google.com). Nothing better on the net for research. There's a ton of links here that may be a good start for you at this page: http://www.linuxfirewall.com/

If you want a good book, try this one for size: Linux Firewalls by Robert Ziegler. It's available at Amazon.

Good luck!

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