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What is GNU?

Here's a guide to all things GNU and many other open source terms and products, too.

What is GNU?

When you're looking for the meaning of a Linux-related term, you can check out our site's Glossary. There you'll find the definition of GNU, an open source project created by the Free Software Foundation.

You can delve deeper into GNU by reading about the GNU General Public License (GPL) and copyleft, the latter being a core tenet of the open source movement.

If you're looking for open source software, you'll find many products and tools listed in our glossary. For instance, you'll find the facts about open source products like the new management suite, Quagga, and the mature enterprise database, MySQL.

Looking for a term or an open source product that you can't find in our glossary or on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com? Just click the "pose a question" link above, and ask me to find the definition for you.

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