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What exactly is TCIOWAIT?

What exactly is TCIOWAIT? We have an MNCONV=YES set and have a transaction that is conversational. We get separate 110's for each of the terminal interactions. Unfortunately Tivoli PR appears to aggregate the interactions into a single transaction with a single response time which can be many minutes, even hours. There is an SLA on this and we are not achieving our goal. Can I, safely (accurately) exclude TCIOWAIT from the overall response time as 'user think time'?

I don't know anything about the way this tool accounts for transactions -- but I deduce that as the task number has stayed the same, that's why you are getting longer-than-expected running times.

Although some installations would disagree, I think it reasonable to exclude the terminal interaction time from your performance SLAs. It's somewhat unfair to blaim CICS for taking ages to process a conversational transaction when most of the seconds are going to bevallotted to the end-user thinking about something.

I hope you have considered recoding this long-running conversational process into pseudo-conversational mode...for all the usual CICS and performance reasons.

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