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What e-mail clients are there for Linux desktops?

I want to deploy Linux desktops in my corporation. What e-mail clients are available for desktop Linux clients?

Rich support for Linux e-mail clients and platform independent Web e-mail client that will run on the Linux desktop should be a key requirement for an email/messaging platform. The functionality of Linux e-mail clients, especially Web e-mail, continues to evolve and expand past basic e-mail to include functions like rich e-mail functionality, calendaring, group scheduling, spam filtering, PDA synchronization, contacts, directories, and more. In many corporate environments, extended functionality like this is a requirements for deployment of Linux on the desktop.

Today, desktop Linux users can choose from a variety of e-mail clients, including Mozilla, Ximian Evolution, and KMail as well as Web e-mail. Linux e-mail client applications all support the internet standards (POP3, IMAP4, LDAP) for access to messaging facilities making them compatible with virtually all messaging servers on the market today.

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