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What does the error message 'dfhac2206 CICSPMMS transaction CHIP failed with ABEND BBCP' mean?

What does the error message 'dfhac2206 CICSPMMS transaction CHIP failed with ABEND BBCP' mean?

The CICS messages and code manual gives me the following information about message number DFHAC2206:-

DFHAC2206 time applid Transaction tranid failed with abend abcode.

Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.

Explanation: Transaction tranid is abnormally terminated with abend code abcode. Any changes to recoverable resources in the local system that have been performed by the current unit of work are backed out.

abcode is either a CICS transaction abend code or a user abend code generated by a CICS ABEND ABCODE(abcode) command. This command is issued either by a user program or by an IBM program (for example, a programming language library module). If possible, a conditional message condmsg from the remote system will be appended to this message.

When this message is issued in the terminal owning region because a remote transaction has failed, there may be no recoverable resources to be backed out in the local system. In this case, the conditional message tells you whether or not resources in the remote system have been backed out.

System Action: Message DFHAC2236 is sent to the master terminal operator (destination CSMT). Normal abend processing continues.

User Response: Use the abend code, abcode, to diagnose the problem. In a transaction routing environment, the original cause of the failure is usually indicated in the conditional message. If the abend is issued by an IBM program product other than CICS, the code is documented in the library of that other product.

Resubmit the transaction after the cause of the original abend has been removed.

Destination: Terminal End User
I assume your question gave a (slightly) abbreviated version of the message omitting the time stamp and the second sentence of the message. Since BBCP is not a CICS abend code I deduce that a user or vendor application program, running under the transaction code CHIP, has decided to abend for some reason. I would expect the documentation for that program to say what error casued it to issue an abend with the abend code BBCP.

This was last published in May 2002

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