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What does the abend code AWBM mean and why is it occurring?

I'm using CICS Web Interface for a query based application. The web browser sends http requests to the TCP/IP svc of MVS, the CICS/COBOL program accesses the db2 data, builds the html documents and sends the response. When I execute the CICS transaction directly in CICS, the control stops at my program in debug mode. However, it does not happen when I do it through the browser - why? In addition, I am getting an abend code AWBM. Could you please tell me what this code means?

I suspect that you have got EDF turned on for the terminal which is running the COBOL program - thus you get the EXEC-level breakpointing occuring. As the Web-initiated program is running non-terminal, you will not get any interception.

AWBM simply says that an abend was detected in the web DFHWBBLI processing. This is a wrapper to code that you are actually executing has failed in some manner: there will probably be an error message displayed on the CICS log telling you why.

If both symptoms are combined, I suspect what is going on is that there is some sort of error or abend in the COBOL program you have written and this is being reported in different ways. The Transaction (or Language Environment) dump will give some clues about what is going on.

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