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What does OpenOffice.org offer me, a person who dislikes word processors?

I'm a great believer in simplicity and agree with Allin Cottrell's "Word Processors; Stupid and Inefficient." What does OpenOffice offer me?

BTW, I like the idea of an XML file system because I have used an XML-like file system for the last twenty-some years.
OpenOffice.org doesn't offer you personally anything. Using something besides TeX is just about working with other people. My irredeemably geek TeX loving friend Simon, who created his own template for creating course material and has used musiTeX (or however you spell it), loves TeX intensely. But he never expected anyone he worked with to use his template, since they would have run screaming or just refused to have anything to do with it. OpenOffice.org just gives you a more solid, techie-friendly, and of course free, way to deal with text when you're working on documents with other standard word processing people (most of the world). And when you do so, of course, you at least get really tiny file sizes, and a way to go into the source code and edit things from there instead of having to just try to fix everything from the outside.

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