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What does IDCAMS mean?

If you're working with VSAM on an IBM mainframe, you'll probably want to get familiar with IDCAMS.

What does IDCAMS stand for?

IDCAMS is an IBM mainframe utility for managing VSAM data sets and Integrated Catalog Facility catalogs.

IBM module names contain a prefix that relates to a component and product. The "IDC" in the IDCAMS utility is the prefix IBM has assigned to Access Method Services (AMS), which is part of DFSMSdfp, a component of DFSMS, which itself is now integrated into z/OS. The "AMS" of IDCAMS is an abbreviation for Access Method Services. I guess that makes the name redundant.

The list of module prefixes and components can be found in the OS/390 (or z/OS) MVS Diagnosis: Reference manual.

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