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What do you think of the Mozilla 1.7 preview?

Have you had a look at the preview version of Mozilla 1.7? If so, what do you think of it? What does it bring to the table for business users and IT shops like ours?
Well, it's faster, smaller, less buggy and has some incremental features. As a minor upgrade, those are all the things you expect from well-maintained enterprise software. For specific features, the most significant is probably for those looking at Linux GNOME desktops. The styling system inside Mozilla has improved incrementally and it's possible to make Mozilla fit more closely with a standard desktop look-n-feel. The best such support is in the Gtk2 builds, not the default ones. Customizing Mozilla's look and feel is probably only recommended for very large organisations where deployment is a huge issue, and for places where very robust systems are required, like heavy industry and the military.

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