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What do you think of Marimba?

Have you heard of or are you familiar with a product called Marimba? If so, what is your opinion of this product as a systems management solution? We currently have SMS 2.0, and another department wants to switch to Marimba and get rid of SMS.
I don't have any hands-on experience with the product but have talked to people that have evaluated it for the environment. One company I know that used Marimba for a couple years recently switched to SMS when the 2003 version was released. SMS 2.0, for that company, just didn't do the job for remote workers, so Marimba was a better fit at that time.

You should chat with the other department and see what their requirements are for a systems management product. It's possible that upgrading to SMS 2003 will give them the functionality they are looking for that may be lacking in the SMS 2.0 product. Then again, they may require something that even SMS 2003 doesn't offer but Marimba does.

It's best to simply understand what their needs are, list them and then do side-by-side comparisons of many products. Marimba can be a more expensive option.

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