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What are the requirements of a Linux cluster?

We're looking at putting our storage on a Linux cluster, but I've heard from some vendors that managing a Linux cluster can be challenging. (Of course, the vendors want to sell us their management products?) What are the management challenges involved in running a Linux cluster in a heterogeneous enterprise environment? Are there free open source tools we can use to handle those challenges?
Clusters require hardware-independent, commercially supported solutions for Linux cluster management. The software needs to be able to integrate with and complement existing Linux solutions to provide a comprehensive solution with workload management, system monitoring and administration, and provisioning (installation and configuration) capabilities.

You will need workload management software, resource management software, and server provisioning capabilities -– an end-to-end solution combining system monitoring and administration, load balancing, high availability, job scheduling and remote Web access to manage distributed workload processing across the whole cluster.

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