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What are the options for turning a CICS screen into a GUI screen?

What are the options for taking a CICS screen and turning it into GUI screen on a PC using CICSTS 1.3? Also, what are the migration issues when moving to CICSTS V2. (I read some information that implied if you use certain functions of 1.3 you will need to re-write them for V2.)

Re-facing existing CICS applications is a very big topic for which there is no one-size-fits-all answer. I suggest you start to investigate the options open to you by reading the following Redbooks (available at www.redbooks.ibm.com):-

    IBM Web-to-host Integration Solutions (SG24-5237)
    Revealed! Architecting Web Access to CICS (SG24-5466)

Despite their titles these books cover techniques that have wider applicability than just Internet access.

Migration from CICS TS V1.3 to CICS TS V2.2 is relatively straightforward. There is no great change as there was for logging when you moved from CICS/ESA V4.1 to CICS TS V1. All the details are covered in the CICS Migration Guide (GC34-5984). Customers comments suggest the migration is very easy. To summarize:-


    Much like previous releases
    Some additional USS/HFS components
    Some workstation components

Migration from CICS TS V1.3

    Impact on systems programmer support areas
    Monitoring, statistics, messages, URMs, MAS
    Impact on applications
    Java programs must migrate to Java 2 to run under JVM
    IIOP application programs must migrate to JVM execution
    GenericFactory IORs must be regenerated
    EXEC CICS SIGNON does not affect running transaction
    Changes to File Control user exits

In general an application that runs in CICS TS V1.3 will be source and object compatible with CICS TS V2.2. There are two exceptions to this rule.

    If the application uses IIOP then it may not be compatible if it uses EXEC CICS LINK to invoke a Java program from a COBOL program invoked from a CORBA object. This must be a very rare circumstance. In fact I have not heard of a single customer who is affected by this incompatibility. This incompatibility is discussed in detail in theCICS TS V2.2 announcement letter. CICS intends to remove this restriction in a future release.
    If an application uses EXEC CICS SIGNON and relies on the USERID being changed for the running transaction (ie the one that issued the SIGNON) it may not be compatible with the default settings for CICS TS V2.2. There is a way to configure a CICS TS V2.2 system to restore the behaviour of EXEC CICS SIGNON to its behaviour in CICS TS V1.3. But this configuration option will be removed in a future release. The reason for the change to the semantics of EXEC CICS SIGNON and how to (temporarily) restore the old behaviour is described in a presentation called "CICS TS for z/OS V2.2 - Changes to the SIGNON Command" that you will find by going to the CICS Web site (www.ibm.com/software/ts/cics), clicking on "library" on the navigation pane and selecting the product "CICS TS V2".

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