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What are some ERP software solutions that are optimized for Linux?

We want to move from Solaris to Linux in our data center, first for ERP and then for other apps. We don't like our current ERP software. What are some ERP software solutions that are optimized for Linux?
You may be surprised to learn that SAP is available on Linux, and has been since 1999. Support is growing daily. Just last month, SuSE announced an agreement with SAP to provide Linux support to corporate customers. At this URL, you'll find a discussion of the mySAP business suite for Linux: http://www.sap.com/linux/.

If you are moving towards Linux and are looking for an ERP package from an established company, I would strongly recommend looking first at this solution. There really is not much else out there at this point. PeopleSoft has announced that they will port their product to Linux by end of this calendar year.

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