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What alternatives exist for Lotus Domino and Sametime under Linux?

What is the alternative for the Lotus Domino e-mail client and the alternative of Lotus Sametime IM under Linux?
I'm not aware of any Linux-based alternatives providing the full groupware functionality of Lotus' Notes and SameTime clients against a Domino back-end. IBM Executives John Woods and Ken Brunsen confirmed that IBM isn't offering a native Linux Notes client in an April 7, 2004 interview with Jan Stafford of SearchEnterpriseLinux.com.

If your company uses a Lotus Domino infrastructure for e-mail only, you can use a variety 3rd party Linux e-mail clients that support either the POP or IMAP protocols. Some Linux e-mail clients you might want to consider include Ximian Evolution, Mozilla Mail and KDE Kmail.

There are also many Instant Messaging (IM) client choices for Linux desktops such as GAIM, Kopete, Ayttm and Eb-Lite. These clients let you choose from a number of instant messaging protocols including MSN, Yahoo, AIM (TOC), IRC and Jabber. To my knowledge, none of these IM clients directly support Lotus' SameTime protocol.

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