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What SQL can be used in a compound SQL statement?

My question is very simple. I guess I am missing something. When I use the command center and type:

begin atomic
insert into test1 values('1');
insert into test1 values('2');
insert into test1 values('3');
it works. But
begin atomic
create table test2(col1 integer);
create table test3(col1 integer);
does not... My statement terminator is '@'.

Compound SQL - that is SQL between a BEGIN ATOMIC and an END - causes either all of the statements to successfully execute or none of the statements to successfully execute. But DB2 limits the type of SQL that can be placed in a compound SQL statement. As you have found, DDL is not permitted.

The following list of SQL-control-statements can be used within the dynamic compound statement:

  • FOR Statement
  • IF Statement
  • ITERATE Statement
  • LEAVE Statement
  • SIGNAL Statement
  • WHILE Statement
The SQL statements that can be issued are:
  • fullselect
  • Searched UPDATE
  • Searched DELETE
  • SET variable statement
Other SQL statements are not allowed in compound SQL.

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This was last published in November 2005

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