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What Linux distros will support SATA disks?

I just bought a Dell D-8400 with WD SATA (160 GB) drive. My current selection (Fedora 2, Debian) of Linux distros does not recognize my disk (cannot see it). Do you have any suggestion about a "better" distro or how to proceed? Many thanks.
Many distributions will have a hard time supporting this. The SATA disks are a quite new technology and thus it takes time before the right drivers make it into a distribution. In the new 2.6 kernel there is support for SATA disks.

It is hard to say which solution will meet your needs. SuSE has a 2.6 kernel in their distro as has Debian Unstable. In the near future Linspire will release the new version of their desktop that has SATA support, but for that you need some patience until it is available.

Throughout time support for the disk is common. Furthermore you need to test your distribution very well to ensure that all the hardware of your Dell machine works.

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