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What CICs will support?

Through CEDA its very convenient to add resources using "copy as." How can I achieve similar function when CICS is not up? Can I use CEDA copy in Batch?
The COPY command for the CICS DFHCSDUP utility program only allows the capability to copy all of the resource definitions from one RDO group to another RDO group. The batch COPY command does not support the ability to copy a specific resource from the source RDO group, nor does it support the AS keyword to allow resources to be renamed during a COPY operation.

CICS does support the invocation of the DFHCSDUP utility program from a user developed program and provides several sample programs.

You might wish to look at the CICS supplied DFHOCBDC sample program, that uses the DFHCSDUP EXTRACT command to retrieve the resources defined within an RDO group and produces output in the form of a DEFINE command for each resource in the group. You may be able to use this program "as is" to obtain the definition for one or more resources that you would like to copy. You could then edit the output to make changes to these copied definitions and then submit the edited DEFINE commands as input to DFHCSDUP to define the new resources.

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