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What APPLID and USERID are used by the FEPI REQUEST PASSTICKET service?

What APPLID and USERID are used by the FEPI REQUEST PASSTICKET service? I would like to create a "generic" subroutine that generates passtickets taking advantage of the FEPI option. In order to test the generated passticket, I use that ticket for CESN, but I can't SignOn. However, the ticket that I get using the RACF secured signon service (via RCVTPTGN) works fine (in both cases I try within the 10 minutes interval, of course). So far, the RACF definitions are OK. I execute the FEPI instruction within the CICS region that has the same APPLID I use for RCVTPTGN; the USER IDs look the same too.

The current userid (security identity) and the applid named on the TARGET associated in the Pool from which the Convid was obtained are used. This userid may not be the same as that you want to use in the partner system : in this case a real password will have to be obtained (from the ultimate end user) or deduced or got from an ESM service as you describe.

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