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WebSphere configuration and installation

We are starting in the world of WebSphere/CICS taking as a reference the "Java Connectors for CICS" IBM Redbook. Until this point, we have been successful in the connection to CICS in three variants of a sample program that comes with the Redbook. They are as follows:

1. Non-managemend environment with CTG V5 (windows). OK
2. Non-managemend environment with CTG V5 (zSeries). OK
3. Managed environment with CTG V5 (windows). OK
4. Managed environment with CTG V5 (zSeries). FAILS

When carrying out the fourth test, using the resource adapter and the CTG V5 of the host in remote, we obtain this exception:

Values returned from CICS
Exception occurred:
javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapterInternalException: CTG9631E: Error occurred during interaction with CICS. Error Code=ECI_ERR_SYSTEM_ERROR

It seems contradictory that the second and third variants work properly and not the fourth one. We use the same kind of J2C resource adapter for local and remote connections (CICS ECI). That is, we have defined two J2C connection factories both with the same parameters and each one attaching to its respective resource (CTG). The resource's properties are identical to those defined in the non-managed environment, a URL that is an IP address in Host CTG, port, server name, ID and password.

Therefore, we think that the problem could be in the configuration of the properties of the connection factory (timeouts, max-min number of connections, etc.) or in the configuration of the CTG of the Host (CTG.INI). Although, this last one doesn't seem very feasible as in non-managed environment it works without problem. Also, both configurations require some specific parameters to work together. Perhaps you can give us a hint.

Our work environment:

WSAD 4.0.1 with imported connectors
WSIE 4.1.1
WAS Advanced Edition 4.0.4
IBM CICS Transaction Gateway V5.0
CICS 1.3

As for the protocol, we use TCP62 for the local CTG because of the CICS version. On the other for the connection to the CTG in Host, we use TCP/IP.

If you have some idea on what could be preventing us from connecting, it would be a great help.

I'm afraid that I cannot do remote debugging over this forum. You should turn on the CTG trace to discover what is going on and in the host CICS also.

The "interesting" thing about you observations is that case2 (non-managed access with a MVS CTG) works but the managed environment fails. I guess this has something to do with the way the pooled connections are managed. The access from the MVS CTG to CICS will be using EXCI so it is possible that there is some sort of security failure or pipe connection failure occurring but I'd have expected some more messages to appear in these cases.

Similarly, UnitOfWork considerations would also start visibly complaining thus there may be something wrong with the WebSphere installation or configuration. But you've gotten to the CTG as indicated by the error message, so this might be less likely.

Once the traces point to something, I'd direct your attention to the CTG ini file as this seems to be the best place for the error.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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