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Using Ubuntu Linux with WINE

An expert describes how to map Ubuntu Linux serial ports to the serial ports of a Windows application running in WINE.

I have installed Ubuntu Linux (Feisty Fawn) on a Dell Optiplex 745. I have also installed the WINE module, so I could run a legacy Windows application that will not run on 2000 or XP; only 98 or lower. The problem I have is that the application prints to a serial printer with settings as such:
Baud rate = 9600
Data bits = 8
Stop Bits = 2
Parity = None
Flow Control = Hardware
How do I change the serial port settings in Ubuntu Linux to match the settings above? How do I map the Linux serial ports to the serial ports of the Windows application running in WINE?

By default WINE should see properly configured CUPS printers. To configure a CUPS printer with the settings you listed, I recommend you type "man printers.conf" from a terminal and then edit the /etc/cups/printers.conf file appropriately. The printer URL you need to specify will look something like this:


SERIAL_PORT is your serial port device.

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