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I was sure that I had read that HIPESPACE BUFFERS were not used in ZOS R1.4 and CICS TS R2.3 and the parameters would be ignored if present. I now cannot find the reference.

My question is, if the HIPERSPACE parameters are now ignored, do we need to add more buffers to the original DATA and INDEX buffers, so we don't have shortages or WAITS?
The use of HIPERSPACE DATA BUFFERS and HIPERSPACE INDEX BUFFERS when creating an LSRPOOL definition in CICS continues to be valid for all currently supported releases of CICS up through and including, CICS TS Version 2, Release 3.

The restrictions on the HIPERSPACE BUFFER sizes that are valid continue to be true. In addition to the requirement that the size must be a multiple of 4096, it must also match the CISIZE of the index or data components for the data sets using a particular LSR pool.

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This was last published in October 2004

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