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Using CORBA as your client-server interface

We would like to develop client-server financial trading application using Linux. We want the server to run on Linux and access the services from Windows clients. For performance reasons, we can't use a browser for our user interface. What is a good mechanism to use for communication between the client and server?
Depending on the complexity of your application, you may want to use either CORBA or Web services for your middleware.

CORBA, which stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture, is an extremely popular and proven middleware standard from the Object Management Group. There are many commercial and open source products that allow you to develop distributed applications using CORBA.

As you say that performance is important, at the current time, it is best for you to develop your application using CORBA. In general CORBA applications tend to be faster than the corresponding Web services applications, as they use a binary (IIOP) protocol for messages sent on the network as opposed to a text protocol (like SOAP) used by Web services.

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