Using AppArmor on Red Hat

A user wonders whether it is possible to use AppArmor in the place of SELinux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and learns about both security tools.

I'm using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 but I'm interested in AppArmor, one of SUSE's tools. I'd like to beef up my security but is it possible to run AppArmor on Red Hat, or is it only limited to SUSE users?
AppArmor was originally only available on SUSE, but at the start of 2006 Novell open sourced the application and made it available at Novell Forge. Since then, some community development has taken place and a port of AppArmor for, RHEL 5 specifically, (but also planned to be back-ported to other RHEL releases) is available. The port is currently still in development release and a production release is not yet available.

If you do use AppArmor with RHEL, you will have to ensure SELinux is disabled as the two do not function together. The two applications, AppArmor and SELinux perform very similar functions and it is important to note that SELinux is the Red Hat recommended and preferred application for mandatory access controls.

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